If you’ve been looking for answers like “What’s the difference between a linen and a felt paper?” and “What do I need to consider when I’m picking my wedding invitations?” then Macon Printing ‘Tips and Hints’ section is where you should stop. Here is a great place to get printing terminology so you can prepare your art work. 

You’ll also find instructions and videos of how to use our ‘Create Your Own’ posters, banners, and canvas section. So you have an option to come in and see us, or build your posters, banners and canvas online and have them printed for you or your business.

How about the answers to these too?

  • How big should my photos be?
  • What files do you accept for artwork?
  • Can I get my logo off my website for you to print on a poster?
  • If my color is a certain green on my website how do we get that color for my business card?

Check out our information and see if it answers your questions. Don’t see an answer to your question below? Ask us here by email and we will not only answer back, but we will also consider making it a page on our website.